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"Their team goes above and beyond"

“Our clinic has been with ChiroSUITE since we opened 12 years ago. They’ve seen our clinic change names, change locations and they’ve helped us grow from a single practitioner office to a multi-disciplinary clinic of 9 practitioners. It doesn’t matter how big or small your clinic is - ChiroSUITE can be customized to work for you!

Let’s face it - at some point in time there will be technical issues in your office - power outages, internet service provider problems, network issues, etc. ChiroSUITE has always been a quick phone call away, offering first class support. Their team goes above and beyond to help us get back up and running as soon as possible- even if the problem wasn’t created by their software in the first place.

The team at ChiroSUITE is continuously updating and upgrading the program to fit the needs of our clinic. As technology advances, the health care system evolves and the insurance industry changes their requirements, ChiroSUITE has been right there to adapt to our needs. They are constantly asking for feedback and listening to our concerns so that they can make their software work better for us. As a business owner, there are always many concerns that we have, but we never have to worry about the software that runs our clinic. ”

"Efficient support makes the experience 100% worthwhile!"

“ I have been using Chirosuite for about 3 years now and I am extremely satisfied! The customer service is top notch! They are always in a great mood, excited to help and offer clear and quick insight to address any issues I have had. They have the right people in the right places to get the job done! Appropriate humour, yet quick and efficient support makes the experience 100% worthwhile! Highly recommended!! ”

"It never fails, the team is always there for us"

“ We have been with Chirosuite for almost 15 years I think. The thing that comes to mind overall is the support we have received. It never fails; the team is always there for us no matter what the issue or time of day. We have had several new employees over that time, there are always questions and I feel confident directing them to ChiroSUITE support for those questions, no matter how big or small.
Brock in particular is obviously dedicated, working with our computers remotely after hours if need be.
The group is continually working to upgrade the system to meet our needs, something we appreciate very much. They are always willing to take our suggestions and often implement them to better the system.
Thank you, Brock and team, for all that you do for us! ”

"I have not found an easier program to deal with"

“ I have been using ChiroSUITE since opening my practice over 12 years ago. I have not found an easier program to deal with, both in simplicity of use, and in training of staff. I had used other billing and scheduling software, and I have found ChiroSUITE to provide everything I need, without any headaches. The support, when needed, is prompt and they excel at helping, even if it is the smallest hiccup. The program is constantly evolving to provide up-to-date attributes, and the team at ChiroSUITE makes sure they have the customers’ needs in mind. I would completely recommend using ChiroSUITE as your scheduling/billing software. ”

"I have had nothing but great experiences with ChiroSUITE!"

“ Thank you to all the fine people at ChiroSUITE. You always answer my emails quickly and return my calls if I have had to leave a message & thank you for never making me feel that my questions were obvious or dumb! I have had nothing but great experiences with ChiroSUITE!
Thank You, thank you! ”

"Excellent support"

“ Excellent support, always willing to help streamline and answer any and all questions. One on one support for all your needs. ”

"The Team at ChiroSUITE is always there for you"

“ The Team at ChiroSUITE is always there for you when you need them! So friendly and knowledgeable, we would highly recommend them! ”