About Us

ChiroSUITE began like so many other Projects at Sunbaked Software - requested by an Alberta based Chiropractor looking to streamline his business & processes by adding intelligence into his management software. Once completed, we wanted to market & share the program with his colleagues & we loved the application, we love the chiropractic community, and we believed in the changes he wanted to implement!

Through a series of very fortunate events, we had the opportunity to purchase ChiroSUITE & move it forward as our own! It has deeply changed the long term goals for Sunbaked Software & we have invested a lot of time, energy, and money moving the program forward. When clinics demo our software they can see that initial chiropractic influence – we believe it’s what separates us from the competition – strong chiropractic business knowledge with a strong mix of ridiculous programming skills!

From that beginning we have added electronic SOAP Notes & paperless technologies, Google calendar integration, online booking, electronic form filling, bulk email capabilities, PIA compliance, ZingIt & Review Wave integration amongst countless other GREAT features.

Our Team

Brock W Denys

CEO / Senior Developer / Analyst / DBA / Geek / BIG Cheese

From lead programmer to application designer to network specialist to hardware technician and general manager - Brock wears every hat imaginable with ChiroSUITE!

His tireless hours and dedication have helped to put ChiroSUITE on the map and continue to drive the ChiroSUITE team to success! He manages with courtesy and respect and realizes that ChiroSUITE’s real strength is its staff - second to none in his opinion!!

When not indoors working to evolve Sunbaked Software, Brock loves to be outside hiking, travelling or enjoying music & photography. He’s walked the Camino de Santiago and is planning to complete the Pacific Crest Trail, hopefully without a support phone 

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ChiroSUITE Senior Support (and senior staff but not yet a senior LOL)

As a former (well, still occasional) Pilates instructor, Susan's enthusiasm and bubbly personality makes her the ultimate support person. She quickly turns clients into friends and laughter can be heard throughout the office on a daily basis.

Susan loves helping others achieve rock star moments. Having worked in business administration, bookkeeping, Chiropractic and Medical offices also brings many years of experience to the table. Susan cares about each of our clients and their business being successful by providing knowledge on how to use the tools at hand as well as the knowledge of why these tools are critical in streamlining business.

When not solving issues Susan is spending time outdoors with her daughter, pooches, and likely hugging trees. Susan believes that creating a quality life is directly related to how she can enhance other lives around her. Always continuing the journey of self- acceptance and love. Om

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ChiroSUITE Implementations & Sales

Jeannine brings with her 10+ years in Wellness Office Management. Over the years she's had the opportunity to lead the front end team of smaller offices with two practitioners, all the way to working in a hopping high volume paperless office with over fifteen! Jeannine is an asset to the ChiroSUITE team as she understands that no office is alike, each practice has its own set of unique needs. She is an advocate for Chiropractic care, a wellness patient herself, for 21 years now.

Jeannine is here to help us leap forward into the new era of paperless office technologies. She is your go to gal for all things paperless! Whether it's training & supporting your front end staff through the paperless process, or helping Doctors with SOAP set up & training. She's excited to remain a part of profession she believes passionately in, helping office’s move forward in a different capacity. She is also your first point of contact here at ChiroSUITE for all new business.

Jeannine is an animal lover! When she’s not nagging Brock you can find her hiking with her beloved little beast, Pip. Getting calm & centered with yoga & meditation, as well as soaking in the vitamin D on the golf course

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ChiroSUITE Support

Bick (like the Pickle!) has worked software support for over 12 years, but is new to the chiropractic community. Prior to support, she has worked several different roles for a large office supply retail chain, so she's taken part in the many facets to running a successful business. With these previous experiences, she has gained a solid understanding of the dynamics of small business and limited team members to take on multiple roles, so having everyone work as a team and developing each team member is very important.

Our ChiroSUITE team works the same way. As we continue to learn from each other and share our knowledge so we can be well rounded, we also have our different niches. Bick's is doing the more technical tasks as she enjoys increasing her knowledge in this area. Along with her strong problem solving skills and love of working with people, she will always thrive to make each encounter a positive experience while she works with you towards a resolution.

Bick has been happily married for over 22 years and has two beautiful, grown kids. When she is not reading, exercising (or telling her husband to exercise), she spends most of her time with family and friends.

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MODO / Senior Developer / Analyst

After having met and worked with Brock during his first programming contract, it was an easy decision for Martin to join Sunbaked Software in 1997. 20+ years later he has worked on and developed many small and mid-sized business applications for a variety of clients working in many different industries. His favourite part of application design is analyzing business processes, and turning that knowledge into smart and flexible data designs.

Martin has put this vast experience to work as one of the original ChiroSUITE developers. He continues to lend his expertise where needed and continually helps to move ChiroSUITE forward in a competitive industry.

When not at the keyboard, Martin is a chauffeur for his two girls, shuttling them to and from activities. To get away from it all he enjoys globe-trotting with his family.

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Senior Developer / Analyst / DBA

Lisa was brought into the Sunbaked Team while completing her studies at NAIT. During her 10 year tenure she has made herself an anchor point for web application development & design. Working on various Features from beginning to end, creating each aspect of the application, from database to screen design that suites the custom needs of each business.

Lisa was instrumental in bringing the online booking module to life & is continuously called upon whenever we need assistance with anything internet related!

In her spare time, you can find her at home crocheting while watching movies with her cats or in the unlikely event that she leaves her house, you can find at the movie theatre with her fiancé.

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Regena looks after bookkeeping at ChiroSUITE. Her experience comes from several industries; tourism, accounting, cooking on the oil rigs and office administration. She loves math! (not lying). In Regena’s spare time she likes to spend time with her son, family & friends. Regena is very talkative, she’s lovingly called the “social butterfly”. Is making cocktails, then drinking them a hobby? Regena also likes swimming, bicycling, gardening, sewing & embroidery.